Water-Tight Splice Kit

Sometimes making a splice is unavoidable, for those situations we offer our Splice Kit. The splice kit comes packed with double walled adhesive lined shrink tubing that is layered to make a durable watertight seal.


Splice Kit Includes:

(1) 6", 1/2" Adhesive Lined Shrink Tube
(1) 4", 1/2" Adhesive Lined Shrink Tube
(2) 3/16" Adhesive Lined Shrink Tubes
(1) Glue Tape

What You Need:

  • Soldering Iron
  • Heat Gun or Blowtorch (Heat gun is preferred as it is less likely to overheat the wire and shrink tubing.)

Good Reasons to Make a Splice:

  • Add more length to the lead-in.
  • Repair Damaged Lead-in Wire.

Bad Reasons to Make a Splice:

  • Add more length to the Loop itself.
  • Repair Damaged Loop Wire in the loop itself.

In a situation where the loop is damaged, it is better to install a new preformed loop
 or wrap a new loop. Splicing should only be done on the lead-in.


Splicing Tips and Tricks:

    • In a pinch a lighter can be used to shrink the shrink tubing.
    • Solder all connections.
    • Round jagged pieces of solder with needle nose pliers before using Shrink Tube.
    • Tape the wires down – this will free up both hands and make splicing easier.