Preformed Saw-Cut Inductance Loops
-Custom Loop Sizes Available-

Preformed Saw-Cut Inductance Loop Sizes

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3/16" Pro Diamond Blades


Preformed Saw-Cut Inductance Loops

Preformed 3/16” Saw-cut Loop

Used for saw-cut installations where a 3/16” or larger groove is cut into the concrete or asphalt and the wire is stuffed and sealed (using loop sealant) into the surface. Learn how BD Loops Saw-Cut Loops are designed to save installers up to 45 minutes in installation time per loop.

Our saw-cut loops have a custom durable polyethylene outer jacket that protects nylon coated polyethylene insulated 16AWG stranded wire. BD Loops Saw-Cut Loops have a built in wing shaped backer-rod that causes the loop to fit snugly in a 3/16” saw-cut groove. Our unique wire design prevents the installer from having to install backer-rod and creates a seal at the bottom of the groove, allowing the installer to apply sealant to a flat surface and resulting in at least a 30% savings in loop sealant to seal the groove vs. hand wrapped wires in a ¼” wide groove.

The entire loop including the lead-in fits within a 3/16” saw-cut groove preventing wasted time spent double saw-cutting or doubling blades to cut the home run lead-in.

Do I have to cut a perfect sized pattern to use your loop?

Not at all! As long as you don’t make the saw pattern larger than the loop size (you can never make a preformed loop any larger) our loop will fit every time. We designed our Saw-Cut loops to be able to take up excess loop in the lead-in run, which makes the loop smaller. 

This is accomplished by laying the loop parallel in the lead-in run up to 2ft (which shortens the overall perimeter of the loop by up to 4ft) We’ve actually written an in-depth article on methods to make preformed Saw-Cut Loops fit every time.