BD-LG2 (Loop Goop)
2 Part Polyurethane Loop Sealant.

BD-LG2 is a two component polyurethane, detector loop sealant. It is designed for use in both asphalt and concrete pavement to provide a weather and chemical resistant waterproof seal. BD-LG2 effectively seals out moisture and provides a tough and durable seal. Permits vehicular traffic immediately after application (see for installation tips) with no need for lane closure.

BD-LG2 is designed for sealing loops in cold or freezing temperatures. BD-LG2 Detector Loop Sealant exhibits Exceptional chemical resistance to de-icing salts (including 50% by weight potassium acetate), gasoline, hydraulic brake fluid and motor oil. BD-LG2 requires no clean up since the mixing tips are disposable.

To get the most out of your tube of Loop Goop use with a 3/16" wide saw blade, and BD Loops 3/16" Preformed Saw-Cut Loops.

BD-LG2 is primarily used as a fast cure, protective seal for inductance loops. It may be used as a sealant for saw cuts in concrete and asphalt surfaces.

BD-LG2 cures in cold and freezing applications. Finally a solution for sealing loops in cold weather!

BD-LG2 gels in 2 hours in freezing temperatures. In warmer temperatures it is a quick cure material. See the chart below.

Temperature Gel Time
23°F (-5°C) 120 min
41°F (5°C) 45 min
59°F (15°C) 15 min
Greater than 59°F (15°C) Less than 15 min

Superior Features
BD-LG2 has no reaction with the asphalt and concrete and therefore will not deteriorate them. It exhibits no "bubbling" or "mushrooming". BD-LG2 will not expand or flow above the joint.

Handling Instructions.
BD-LG2 is a 100% solids system, that contains no solvents and is zero V.O.C.

Coverage Per Tube/Case
See chart below.

It is always better to purchase 1 extra cartridge of
BD-LG2 than to run out of Loop Goop on a jobsite and have to run back to your distributor.

Using a 3/16" wide blade over 1/4" blades will save you 25% in loop sealant.


Available in Dark GRAY
600 ml Cartridges
(20.29 fl oz per cartridge)
12 Cartridges per Case

Dripless Dual Cartridge
Dispensing Gun Available


Surface preparation: Wash and blow out saw cuts with compressed air (such as the BD Loops Air Wand) to remove dust, debris and standing water. It is the responsibility of the installer to ensure that the substrate are clean and dry (free of dust, water and ice) before installation of BD-LG2. If the substrate is not dry or if it is coated with a thin layer of ice, the surface may be heated with a torch or hot air gun to dry.

Application: Remove D-shape plugs prior to use. Attach static mixer to the end
of the cartridges, insert cartridges into gun. Holding the gun vertically
with static mixer pointing up gun the material a few times to release
the air. Apply sealant to saw-cut groove.

Storage: For maximum shelf life, store in a dry, cool place.