Groove Cleaning Air Wand

Quickly Clean and Dry a Saw-Cut Groove from the Bottom Up!

With BD Loops Groove Cleaning Airwand installers can blow debris out of the saw-cut groove from the bottom up and lessen the amount of time it takes a saw-cut groove to dry.

BD Loops Groove Cleaning Air Wand allows you to Properly prepare saw-cut grooves for loop sealant according to the sealant manufacturer’s standards. Sealant Manufacturers never recommend applying sealant in a wet environment. Insert the Air Wand into the groove and dry out the saw-cut groove from the bottom up.

Completely drying the saw-cut groove will help prevent air pockets and bubbles from forming when sealant is applied. Water at the bottom of the groove can cause air bubbles to surface while the sealant is hardening making the seal look terrible and not fully encapsulating the wires.

Drying the saw-cut groove before installing a saw-cut loop can help prevent the need for early replacement. Air pockets allow space for water to enter the saw-cut groove and saturate the wire which can cause the loop to fail and require replacement.

 The new BD Loops Air Wand combined with our preformed saw-cut loop, and BD-LG's flat sealant tip will save installers even more time, money, and materials.

BD Loops Groove Cleaning Air Wand